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Gardium. Attorneys&Lawyers

The company’s history began within WiseAdvice consulting group more than 15 years ago.

Gardium is a well-known professional consultant in the field of protection of Intellectual Property and Litigation. Our experts practicing in the IP field help clients to protect trademarks, brands, patents, software, copyright and other objects, since 2004.

We prevent counterfeit production distribution, claim loss of expected profits compensation, as well as protect customers from brand squatters and unfair competitors. Gardium attorneys defend the rights of clients at any court level. For our clients, we are constantly developing new service packages with different options included.

1000+ IP objects annually
100 judicial proceedings won
every year
Our cases


There are more than 40 judicial lawyers and patent attorneys among our experts. The leading lawyers and attorneys possess over 15 years of practical IP experience.

Alexey Abramov
Managing Partner, Patent Attorney #2003
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Irina Reznikova
Partner, Head of Legal Department, Russian Patent Attorney #1947
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Elena Kuptsova
Practice Leader, Head of Patent Department, Russian Patent Attorney #1264, EAPO Patent Attorney #406
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Viktor Klementyev
Head of Department
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Ekaterina Busygina
Head of Department
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Ekaterina Chilimova
Project Head Manager, Practice Leader, Patent Attorney #2058
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Natalia Lyuzina
Project Head Manager, Senior Associate Practice Leader
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Anna Fokina
Head of Department
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Elena Belyaeva
Patent Attorney #2069
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Anfisa Ignatenko
Senior Associate
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Anna Dokuchaeva
Junior Associate
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Registration of a Trademark in Russia
and any country

term from 2 months

Registration Registration of Software Russia and any country

term from 3 months

Defence of a Client’s rights at any court level, expertise of violations

Consulting in IP, Arbitration, Contract Law, Civil Law, Bankruptcy, Leasing, Finance

Obtaining a patent for an invention, an industrial design and a useful model

term from 3 months

Developing of a license, franchising and any other IP contract

term from 2 months

12 000 clients

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Gardium. Attorneys & Lawyers

  • 15 years successful operation in Russia and foreign countries
  • 2 years leading position in Litigation among Russian law firms
  • International Trademark Association (INTA) Member
  • Russian Export Center official Partner
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17 000

patents, trademarks and other IP objects registered

12 000

clients all over the world since 2004


Russian Law Firms according to the main Russian Law Rating

$270 000 000

saved for our clients by lawyers and attorneys

Our Cases

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Lactalis vs. Hohland

Patent dispute against “Hochland SE” to grant the protection for the patent №99471 for the group of design inventions belonging to the Client.

The reason for the objection raised by “Hohland” was inconsistency with the condition of patentability "originality": similar decisions were publicly available long before filing date. Gardium found the distinctive features of the Client’s decision from the opposed sources, proved the validity of the patent and succeeded in obtaining a refusal to satisfy the objection. The members of the board of the Chamber of Patent Disputes left the patent in force.

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UAZ well-known marks

Two brands of the biggest automotive plant in Russia UAZ have been recognized as well-known marks in retrospective after a long-lasting process.

UAZ brand has been known for 50 years. Extended protection of the Client’s trademarks is only possible through registration as well-known mark, taking into account there are only about 200 well-known trademarks among all registered trademarks in Russia. Gardium collected sufficiently large amount of data to gain the evidence of intensive use of the trademark for courts. Trademarks “УАЗ” and "UAZ" have been recognized as well-known.

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Ganesha LLC vs. Mars Inc.

“Mars Incorporated” raised an objection against the granting of legal protection to a trademark "Mr. Cat" owned by the Client. Gardium protected the Client’s rights to the disputed trademark.

“Mars Incorporated” raised an objection to the Chamber of Patent Disputes. They insisted on the fact that the trademark "Mr. Cat" owned by our Client was similar to the company's designation “Kitekat”, and also registered to similar goods that are being marked by the company's designation. Gardium proved that the documents submitted by Mars Incorporated do not confirm the ownership of the copyright on the image to the person who filed the objection. The Chamber of Patent Disputes rejected the objection of Mars Incorporated.

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